Kitchens in Leon, your kitchen with 8 year warranty

Kitchens in Leon, your kitchen with 8 year warranty

Since the fire was available, was born the meeting around the common home, to keep warm in cold weather and for the consumption of cooked foods. With the complexity of the food preparation in the mansions of more affluent people, shows the need for a separate space for this activity. In some tribal societies, this space is the availability of all, by the notion of sharing that prevails in them.

See the range dica to create the kitchen you want. Contemporary kitchens with the same features and styles very marked: series 45, straight lines and minimalist; Arkadia, with a Mediterranean air of industrial character; SoHo, a contemporary classic, inspired by an urban lifestyle.

Porcelain countertops have a pleasant texture and also its technical features make this material the toughest that currently exists in the market: among other advantages, it is highly scratch resistant and allows you to directly cut with a knife without affecting the countertop. It resists heat and pans pans can be supported directly on its surface without suffering any damage. Being a non-porous material, prevents bacteria, it is stain resistant and easy to clean. The porcelain is also resistant to UV rays, so color remains unchanged with the passage of time, even in outdoor spaces.

Sinks made of the same material as the countertop, with a range of colour that integrates with the rest of the furniture, worktops in smooth finish rough… take care of the smallest detail with nice materials and practical solutions for everyday use.

Dica laminates are manufactured with the latest technology of edging. Edging laser medical, merge the edge with the door, turning it into a block, where the resistance to the passage of time is multiplied. Not be pasted, but cast, joints disappear giving appearance of one-piece continuous, as a lacquer, but with the capabilities of a laminate. The color range is updated regularly, so that you will always find more novel, tones and textures to create a home to your taste.…